Board of Directors

Chairman Erling Øverland, (Born 1952)

Mr. Øverland has an extensive and broad experience in business, finance and marketing, from several corporate leadership positions in Statoil, including CFO (Chief Finance Officer), and has served on a number of different boards. He was elected President and Chairman of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise from 2004 to 2008.

Board member Theresa Comiskey Olsen, BA, JD, (Born 1963)

Theresa Comiskey Olsen is an independent advisor through own business. She has been a lawyer in the Nycomed Group since 1990, and was General Counsel and Company Secretary from 1999 to 2007. She has long legal experience in the pharmaceutical industry with special emphasis on negotiating and drafting international licensing agreements. She holds a Juris Doctor Degree from University of Detroit Mercey School of Law.

Board member Professor Kjetil Taskén, MD, PhD, (Born 1965)

Dr. Taskén is Director of the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo and has been so since 2003. He is a professor in Medicine at the University of Oslo. He is co-founder, Board member and VP R&D of Lauras AS, and Board member of Biomedical Innovation AS (2004-), siRNAsense AS (2004-) and ChemLex AS (2007-). Dr. Taskén is also member of the Novartis Foundation Scientific Advisory Panel, London (2005-2008).

Board member Else Krüger Hagen, MD, PhD, (Born 1959)

Dr. Krüger Hagen is Nordic Medical Advisor in oncology in Novartis and has been so since 2004.  She has extensive and broad experience in pharmaceutical development, with specific competence in clinical development and oncology. She has previously held several leading positions in Nycomed/Amersham (1986 – 2001).  She is a medical doctor graduate from Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel, Germany, and holds a PhD from Medical Faculty, University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Board member Kjell Stenberg, PhD, (Born 1952) 

Dr. Stenberg has nearly 40 years of experience from the pharma business, and held senior positions in among others AstraZeneca and small biotech companies such as BioMS Medical Corp., Combio A/S and CePeP AB. He holds a Master of Science from Umeå University and a Ph.D. within biochemistry from Karolinska Institute.