About PCI Biotech Holding ASA

The strategy of PCI Biotech Holding ASA (PCI Biotech) is to commercialise a patented photochemical drug delivery technology for use in therapeutic treatment. 

The company was established in 2000 as a subsidiary of the Norwegian pharmaceutical company Photocure ASA. PCI Biotech has been listed on Oslo Axess since June 2008 following a demerger from Photocure ASA.

PCI Biotech receives substantial public funding from the Norwegian Research Council and from the EU.

Photochemical internalisation is a drug delivery technology for targeted delivery of macromolecules and other membrane-impermeable drugs.

PCI can be used within many areas, including:
• gene therapy
• protein therapy
• oligonucleotide therapy
• chemotherapy
• nanomedicine

The PCI technology has great advantages as it may:
• enhance and target drug delivery
• make macromolecule delivery more efficient
• make possible the therapeutic use of molecules that it has hitherto been impossible to use, due to e.g. too low delivery efficiency or too high toxicity in non-target tissues.

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PCI Biotech is a member of Oslo Cancer Cluster NCE. Oslo Cancer Cluster is a member organization for Norwegian and International stakeholders within cancer research and development. Oslo Cancer Cluster has members from the biotechnology industry, the government, patient organizations, research institutions and hospitals. Oslo Cancer Cluster aims to develop new cancer medication faster than today. Read more about Oslo Cancer Cluster here: www.oslocancercluster.no